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What is this- Friends, with Jessie? Part I of III

Updated: Apr 14, 2018


I’ve been a closet dreamer all my life. Thinking up the unthinkable, and then gladly putting it aside as I came back to reality. A real thief in my dream chasing was the fact that I constantly worried about everything.

This whole, make-a-website thing and putting my dreams on full blast has been crazy. Add in a worrying Jessie and you really have a terrible combination. HA! But what scared me more than really going after my dreams was never trying.

So what are you going to expect on Friends, with Jessie? Why even have this site? What’s the point? That’s a great question. And I can answer this question in relation to where I am right now, but I cannot guarantee that this answer will be the same answer in the future.

The only thing I can guarantee in the future is that, as long as I breathe, I will still be chasing after God, my husband Jed, a better me, and my dreams. And FRIENDS, with Jessie is a site that culminates these things as well allows a space for me to be vulnerable and bring you into my world. So allow me to shed light on these dreams that I will be posting about in the near future. <3

My Dreams

There are two things I am passionate about.

Now before I tell you what they are, let me remind you, I didn’t say I was the best at these two things. They are just two things in my life that I consistently strive after. I am also realizing more and more that one of the best ways that I get better is in sharing. Testifying. Letting you know how I am being shaped through these things, and hopefully also letting you grow with me as well.

My two greatest passions in life right now are the Church, and Music. Today I am just gonna break down my first passion: the Church

First Passion: The Church

I LOVE people. All kinds, all shapes, all shades, all ages. But what really inspires me are people who are followers of Jesus Christ. And before I dive more into this, allow me to share a little background.

This may be a shocker to some of you, but I was a SHY child growing up. I often attribute my sudden gain of enthusiasm and friendliness to when my theatre teacher slapped a unibrow on me in my first play, but really, it was something else that drove me out of shy-town.

As long as I can remember, people have always interested me. Their stories, the lives they lived, and all the things they had to offer that was completely different from person to person. I did not want to let my shyness get in the way of meeting new people. I really started to see the shift of being more outgoing when I started volunteering at the hospital with my Mur Mur (aka, Grandmother- mom’s mom… and if you didn’t know that, do you even know me??). All the stories from the 15 sets of grandparents I adopted while volunteering there were just so amazing. Not only that, but just the flow of people coming in and out of the hospital was so interesting to me. I could be the person that gave them a smile when they came in for work, or the one to cry with them when they endured bad news. I loved it all. And by the time my nerves kicked in, I found myself already talking to complete strangers that I would soon know by name. Ever since that time, I knew the reward of talking to someone was greater than staying in the safety net I often found myself in.

As time went on, my love of people grew more fond. My major in college was communications because of this fondness. I then changed it to Spanish as I wanted to be able to extend a conversation to other cultures than that of my own. It was so beautiful. As I entered my last two years of college at SOSU, I found a shift in my interest of people. The interest became a desire for relationships. And it was not just any kind of relationship. It was with people who believed in the same God that I did. In the salvation that came only from Jesus Christ, and in the unity of the Bride that He holds so dear.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

I have heard this verse a lot growing up in church, but I never realized it would be such a key truth in my daily life. God made me in His own image. But it wasn’t just me, it was absolutely every breathing person in the whole world! ! ! And He made us all unique with our own spirit souls and bodies, but He did one thing the same. He made us in His likeness! This likeness that I share with others is my favorite way of relating. It is the one thing that truly sheds light on who we are, and I find that when I embrace it, I connect with others on a deeper level.

I never had a strong background of keeping long term friends. I feel like it came down to our natural tendency to change. All the things that made us friends, we would eventually grow out of, as did our friendship. Then when I came into my junior year of college and got involved in small groups and eventually leading a small group, I realized that the friends I cherished most were the ones that loved the Lord. We did not have to have any other commonality that brought us together. Oftentimes our adversity made us closer as we cheered each other on and helped in each others weaknesses. So as I continue to share my journey in faith of following Jesus Christ, I hope to make lots of friends that share the same bond. For we are in fact one body with many parts, not multiple bodies with no unity.

Do you have really close friends? Why are you so close? Let me know your stories in the comments!

The 3 part series will continue next week with my other passion: Music.

Until next time.

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