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One and Only

The house was quiet- Jed wasn’t home yet. I had neglected the guitar for so long my fingers hurt from playing. I always seem to get in those phases where I have bursts of energy towards a certain thing, but neglect other things in my life. I don’t like this about me, but I’m growing. That sound familiar to you? And in the stillness of a quiet home, amidst my frustration of undisciplined guitar playing, my heart became grateful for the person in my life that isn’t just a burst of energy that fizzles. He doesn’t have that particular flaw. He can spend hours on one thing and wish he had more time. He’s the steady to my storm. He’s the reason in my wild wondering. And in his absence, he became the subject of my heart. As my fingers fell into a simple melody, the meditation of my heart became words that flowed into this song. It’s simple, and it’s about him. This one’s for You Jed. My One and Only.

Fun Facts- Before the release of One and Only.

3 Months - This song took me about 3 months of practice before I was confident enough to play it well. I honestly don’t even know how I wrote it since I could barely play in the beginning. About 2 months in to learning One and Only, I thought I was good enough to record the song, and after Jed set up the recording studio, I just kept- messing UP! A couple break downs later, I realized I just wasn’t ready. Jed was much more understanding than I was. But I really wanted to be ready… Now that I am here writing out my story to a finished video, the reward is much greater than the work. I have a finished product! A fruit of my labor that made the 3 months worth my time.

Typical Nervous Jessie- Were you wondering where the smiley Jessie was during the video?? Well, I was SUUUUUPER nervous. I could barely muster one smile during the whole thing because I did not wanna mess up. Which is obsurd to think as I write this down because, who cares! I’m human! I should be able to mess up a little. Right? Next week, there is a leetle more engagement. Promise! <3

The Momentum- The excitement of setting up for this video with our OWN equipment that we’ve invested in was unreal. It’s like I was living a dream. And it’s a simple video, but it was done by me and Jed. An accomplishment worthy of notation. *high five!

Support system- Not only is my first song on my site about my One and Only, but it was made by him too. Let’s compare how much I did verses him:


I wrote a song

I practiced until my fickle hands memorized what to do

I made a FWJ sign and painted a wall.

I waited until Jed was ready and played the song


Researched what was needed

Worked the camera

Worked the audio

Worked the lighting

Recorded the video

Recorded the sound

Edited the sound

Edited the video

He also set all of this up himself and learned everything himself.

And he is still learning, because that is what he does

Ladies, get one like him. Swoon.

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