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Inconvenience and Ice- a Foretaste to Age 26

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

A picture worth a thousand words...

I have a husband. His name is Jed. He captured this picture of me during the saddest snow day ever. There was no snow in sight! Just a wet, barely-freezing, day. There wasn't even much ice on the roads. But that's Southeastern Oklahoma for ya.

The night before we took this shot, I fell asleep in hopes that I might not go to work the following morning #adulting. I woke up to partly good news as my boss said to come in a couple hours late... you know, just in case any bridges were effected... They weren't. So I turned over to get a little more sleep.

But then, the child inside of me woke up and said "Jessie, look outside". Though the ground was soaking wet with the tears of what could've been snow, the trees were adorned with frozen crystal all over. My heart grew as I looked at the red cardinals cutting through the gray scenery. This was a good morning. A good morning to capture the moment. I ran to my closet, put some warm clothes on, brushed my teeth, and waited for Jed to come out of his morning shower.

Getting ready for work, I told Jed, "Hey! Let's go take ice pictures". He looked at me confused and a little hazy as the morning is not his favorite time of day.. *cough. But in his easygoing spirit, he got the camera ready and went out in the drizzly morning to take a photo with me.

He snapped a couples pictures of me and of us. They weren't the best and time was running out, but it sure was fun. My spirit was lifted as I got to enjoy a moment in time that was different then what we do Monday- Friday. We took the camera in, I bid Jed goodbye, and finished getting ready for work.

A couple minutes later, I hear Jed's truck roll back up the drive. He got out, a little more excited than when he left. He came in and I asked what he forgot. LOL. Then he looked at me, ignoring my comment, and asked if I was up for one more photo. He changed the camera lens to his own liking, we got our coats on- again, and we hopped into Jed's truck. We didn't go far. Actually, it was literally right down our duplex driveway. And just where Jed would turn to go to work, there was an open field of overgrown grasses. What is usually full of dull greens and browns, suddenly became a wonderland dressed in glorious ice glass.

As we pulled up, I knew just what he was thinking. And in that moment, he takes the shots. The best shot displayed right under the title. The one that captures everything I hope for this year. The one that my husband took of me. Where he led me despite easily being able to drive by it like he would every other day. Out of inconvenience, and also- out of wild wonder, we caught the magic from what God laid outside on that winter morning. He planned it all out for us. We just had to wake up from our robotic normalcy and take the moment. And we did.

My birthday was February 24th. I turned 26. (:

Here's to this moment being a foretaste of many to come this 26th year. Where I open my eyes to life's sparks all around and be kindled by its wonder and call for me to be different.

Have you had any moments like this yet in 2018? Where a little inconvenience takes you to places you've never been??? Let me know! And until then, may all your moments be seized and your reality shook up!


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