“Dreamers are thinkers, without the limitation of what is impossible.” Uncle Jonny


When I first thought of FRIENDS, with Jessie, I was about 15 years old, dreaming of the day I would sing famous duets with my all-time favorite musicians. It seemed like my ultimate dream job!  At the time, my favorite musicians were: Keith Urban, Michael Buble, and Jason Mraz. Naturally… 


Clearly, no part of that goal was ever made, and though I am not giving up on my 15 year old fantasy, I soon realized what my reality was.  I looked around and saw that there were a lot of people that I wanted to sing with locally.  And diving deeper into the core of my original desire, I found that I just flat wanted to spend time with people I love and admire. 


So welcome to FRIENDS, with Jessie! Where you meet me, my friends, and hopefully- in the end, we share unique, inspiring moments together as the internet allows us such a connection.  

You know what Friends do best?

Share stories. 

       SONGS with Jessie- Good times to be had when music is involved

      FRIENDS with Jessie- I am inspired by many things in this world, but the people are my favorite. 

You- Hey you! Yeah you! I can't wait to know you better! Please reply to e-mails, write in comments, or share inspirational moments yourself! 

the Facts:


I sing and stuff. 

I'm a tea drinker.  No coffee please. 

I have a BA in Spanish. My preferred language is Spanglish. 

I am really good at losing my train of thought. 

Ann Voskamp is my spirit animal. 

I am known as having a "resting smile face"

I'm #6 out of 7 siblings.  I am the Flower Child. 

I love sweet tea from Mcalisters and EVERYTHING Cracker Barrel. Feel free to send me some of both. 

You can find me at Georgetown Baptist Church leading worship with my husband. 

My life verse is: "This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.  Moreover, it is required that stewards be found faithful." 


I am the wife of Jed.  A hunky, long-haired guitar player who you can find playing something awesome here.

Dog mom to Emma.  The foxy lady.  

I first learned guitar to accompany my dad on banjo. 

I'm a lover of the great outdoors. Especially with music involved. 

I have a small china collection for tea parties.  My nieces have their own cups

When I grow up, I want the house full of kids (feel free to ask me their names), with a garden full of flowers and fresh produce, all with the cooking skills of Ree Drummond.  Hey, a girl can dream- LOL


Hi!   I'm Jessie girl, Jed's girl, and a friend to all. You can catch me going down a rabbit trail, singing made up jingles, writing songs, or learning something new. Hope you find yourself in good company here.  <3 

Jessie Sallee

Follower, Leader, Musician, Friend

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